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Air Services

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PanAir has been operating & servicing aircraft in the Central West for over 25 years.  From antique aircraft, radial  warbirds, single & multi engine pistons through to more advanced gas turbine aircraft, we have all the experience needed to maintain your aircraft.



​Panorama Airways offer aircraft ferry service, both regional and international.  Panorama Airways has access to a pool of highly experienced ferry pilots, and a fully equipped maintenance team to fit out your aircraft for it's ferry flight.

Contact our team for more information.

Aircraft Freight


​Panorama Airways operate a diverse fleet of single and multi-engine aircraft.

Each of these can be configured for freight-only but also as a "combi" aircraft, combining freight with passenger-carrying capabilities.

Animals & pets are also cared for and carried in our aircraft.

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Panorama Airways offers a range of single and multi-engine piston aircraft available for hire & fly. Take your family and friends away on the trip of a lifetime. Or maybe add some valuable night, multi-engine, or IFR time to your logbook. 

Click here for our bulk aircraft hire pricing, or contact us today to discuss your options.

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Panorama Airways offers multiple aerial photography solutions. 

If you prefer the "hands-on" approach you can take them yourself from one of our charter aircraft

PanAir pilots specialize in aerial survey, lidar & digital film operations





Panorama Airways are expert providers of Fly in Fly out Charter services.

Our number one priority is to ensure our Fly in Fly out passengers depart and arrive on time, minimizing time spent waiting at airports and saving our customers time and money.

Panorama Airways has serviced many FIFO operations over the last 25 years, from our Bathurst base, we are ideally positioned for flights to and from Sydney and remote locations.

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