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Panair Flying Adventures

Our pilots at PanAir are tasked to jobs all around our great country, from the most remote outback locations to the beautiful coastlines of Australia.

While the work is never the same on any given day, our pilots are often challenged with various weather conditions.

Our team encountered one such challenge yesterday when flying back to our Bathurst base from a night survey flight around the Sydney basin.

Check out these photo's taken from the C402 as they attempted to land into Bathurst airport.

Bathurst Airport to the left, after the pilot conducted a missed approach
Mount Panorama surrounded by an ocean of fog....... the only land mark visible

Bathurst Airport is to the left, photo take after pilot had conducted the missed approach into the airport.


Surrounded by a sea of fog, our iconic Mount Panorama the only visible clue that the pilots were in fact at Bathurst.

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