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Flying the remote Outback in Tibooburra NSW

Tibooburra Airport NSW

We currently have both of our survey aircraft based in Tibooburra NSW conducting aerial survey for the Department of Lands NSW.

Flying the lines at 16000ft

This remote location is one of the most isolated towns in Australia and is know as the hottest place in NSW during summer months. Tibooburra is famous for its gold and there are still a number of small gold mines operating in the area.

It is also the closest town to Cameron's Corner, where three states of Australia all meet.

Camerons Corner where 3 states meet

In 1845 Charles Sturt and his party reached the area. They were trying to discover an inland sea. While stranded at Depot Glen, beside Preservation Creek (40 km south west of Tibooburra), they explored the corner country, and reached Mount Wood, Cooper Creek and the edge of the Simpson Desert.

In 1860 Burke and Wills passed through the area on their ill-fated journey from Menindee to the Gulf of Carpentaria. In 1880 John Thomson, a tank sinker, reached Wilcannia and announced that he had found gold near Mount Poole. By February, 1881 other parties were exploring for gold and by June there were 2,000 miners in the area.

C402 and C421 parked at Tibooburra Airport

Later in the 1880s a survey team passed through the area trying to map the exact border between New South Wales and Queensland, similar to what we are currently doing by air! I am sure we have the easier job this time around with two aircraft!

When it rains in Tibooburra, the roads are often cut off, completely isolating the township. With a population of around 80 people, this unique little town and its community is truly representative of the real Australian Outback.

Pilot Phil meets one of the locals at the Tibooburra Hotel

The locals consist of some true Aussie characters and if you try the beer at the two local pubs, which happen to be opposite each other, you will no doubt meet most of them in the first 5 minutes. The locals are all very welcoming to outsiders and you will be made to feel at home in no time at all.

There is also plenty to see and do in this pretty little town, with various attractions within walking distance.

They also say, here in Tibooburra, when it rains you need to make sure you look where you are walking, as some lucky people have found gold in the streets!

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