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Lake Eyre 24- 27 June 2019

The team have been busy traveling out to Lake Eyre and the surrounds, with some incredible photo opportunities along the way. Currently the lake is still filling with some water still running in from the northern end, however we have been told that over the next few weeks this will start to slow down as the water levels further north drop.

'Local experts' in William Creek have said that the flow will stop over the next month to six weeks and the lake will then start to reduce in water volume (unless there is some rain in the region). We were surprised to see that the pelicans had yet to arrive, but there were some various birds sighted during the flight.

It is the perfect time to visit the area, with the day time temperatures between 18- 20 degrees during and 3 to 5 degrees at night. Accommodation in William Creek is at a premium at the moment and booking a month or more in advance is highly recommended (unless you want to sleep outside in a swag!).

Contact our team for more information on upcoming trips, or request a date for your Outback Adventure.

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